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Make intelligent digital marketing decisions.

ClevrAI combines data with Artificial Intelligence to help brands turn social media followers into customers.

A Smarter Way To Optimize

With ClevrAI, you get social media analytics, valuable data insights across critical marketing channels, and an AI writer to create content that converts.

Keyword Research

Efficiently perform keyword research, and find keywords to increase website traffic


Gain guidance on what steps should be taken to increase reach and improve marketing performance

Social Analytics

Instantly track social media growth, and get social analytics to improve engagement with followers

AI Copywriting

Create content fast for targeted audiences using one of our AI content writing tools

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Automate data insights across key areas

Discover valuable social analytics, including follower behaviors and preferences, and determine what content performs the best.

best free social media analytics tools, keyword research tool, track social media metrics

Increase engagement and conversion using AI

Use an AI content writer as a tool to help with copywriting and generate social media posts, website copy, or product descriptions in seconds.

What Makes ClevrAI Different

ClevrAI tools help convert social media followers into customers.

Connected Data Insights

Eliminate information gaps with connected data across digital channels

Simple Pricing

Transparent pricing based on the depth of insights and tasks

Profile Monitoring

Track any social media profile and get insights to improve engagement

Content Creation

AI writing tools that can create social media posts and other copy with ease

Domain Tracking

Discover visitor behaviors and patterns to increase website traffic

Growth Calculator

Estimate the results of marketing spend and activities to maximize efforts

Maximize your digital marketing efficiency

1. Improve follower engagement

Post on days your followers are most likely to see it, discover hashtags that will expand reach, and create content that captures

2. Boost website traffic

Instantly find keywords that visitors search for and employ their preferred communication methods to increase organic website traffic

3. Target the right audiences

Learn about follower demographics and digital behaviors so you can create more effective campaigns

Optimize your digital marketing campaigns

Use ClevrAI to improve brand visibility, reach, and digital marketing performance.

  • Select a plan

    Choose what data insights you want access to and how many tasks you want our software to perform

  • Monitor key channels

    Track social media growth and website traffic changes, and analyze digital marketing activities

  • Measure performance

    Analyze social media posts and engagement to measure brand impact and changes over time

  • Generate effective content

    Use AI as your copywriting and copy editing partner to develop social media posts and website content

social media follower growth, social media follower tracker

Simple Pricing, Fast Access

ClevrAI makes it simple to access the tools you need to optimize performance.


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  • Unlimited Tasks
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Why Customers Love ClevrAI

Hear directly from our users why they love ClevrAI and how they use data and Artificial Intelligence to improve digital experience.

Finally, a way for me to quickly see what’s working and what’s not with our marketing campaigns, without hours of analysis.

Jennifer Keaton, CEO of Emperio Jewelers

Best marketing analytics software on the market. We cut out 10 tools that we didn't need after using ClevrAI.

Alex Thompson, Founder of EcoLite Bikes

I manage 5 accounts every day and am tired of eye-balling my posts to see which ones get the most traffic. ClevrAI makes my job a lot easier!

Debbie McCaffrey, Social Media Manager

Chosen by data-driven digital marketing professionals and teams

One-Click Data Analytics

ClevrAI lets you track social media accounts and digital marketing activities with ease.

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