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Make intelligent digital marketing decisions.

ClevrAI combines data with artificial intelligence to help businesses boost digital marketing performance.

A Smarter Way To Optimize

ClevrAI offers advanced AI tools, analytics across multiple marketing channels, and a powerful AI writer to craft content that engages and converts.

Keyword Research

Efficiently perform keyword research, and find keywords to increase website traffic.


Get guidance on what steps should be taken to increase reach and improve marketing performance.

Social Analytics

Instantly track social media growth, and get social analytics to improve engagement with followers.

AI Copywriting

Create content fast for targeted audiences using one of our AI content writing tools.

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Uncover Data-Driven Insights

Use our AI-powered suite of tools to extract actionable insights across diverse marketing channels and optimize your content strategy.

Accelerate Conversions with AI

Utilize our AI content writer to create engaging social media posts, compelling website copy, and persuasive product descriptions in seconds.


What Makes ClevrAI Different

ClevrAI empowers businesses with enhanced digital marketing across multiple platforms.

Unified Data Insights

Bridge the gap between data and decisions with unified insights across digital marketing channels.

Transparent Pricing

Get value at every level with our straightforward, tiered pricing model based on toolset complexity and usage.

Website Analytics

Uncover valuable insights into visitor behaviors, trends, and patterns to strategically boost your website traffic.

AI-Powered Content Creation

Leverage AI to generate engaging and impactful content for your social media, websites, and more.

Performance Tracking

Monitor key performance metrics across all marketing platforms to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Marketing Impact Forecaster

Predict the outcomes of your marketing strategies and expenditures to focus your efforts where they matter most.

Simple Pricing, Fast Access

Access the ClevrAI suite of AI tools designed for optimizing your digital marketing efforts.


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Unlock the Power of AI in Your Marketing

1. Elevate Content Engagement

Leverage our AI tools to curate and schedule posts for peak engagement, uncover trending hashtags for wider reach, and craft captivating content that resonates.

2. Drive Website Traffic

Tap into key visitor insights, utilize AI-generated keywords that align with search intent, and implement optimal communication strategies to enhance organic traffic.

3. Target With Precision

Dive deep into user demographics and digital behaviors with advanced AI insights to tailor more effective, highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Amplify Your Digital Marketing Impact

Leverage the sophisticated tools from ClevrAI to elevate brand visibility, audience reach, and overall digital marketing performance.

  • Tailor Your Experience

    Select a plan that caters to your specific needs. Choose the depth of data insights and the volume of tasks you wish ClevrAI to perform.

  • Master Your Channels

    Command tracking of your social media growth, website traffic changes, and the impact of your digital marketing activities.

  • Track Your Success

    Employ advanced analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your social media engagement and track your brand's evolution over time.

  • Create Powerful Content

    Harness the power of AI as your personal copywriting partner. Develop compelling social media posts and website content that resonates.

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Why Businesses Choose ClevrAI

Learn from our clients about using ClevrAI data and AI capabilities to optimize their digital marketing performance.

Finally, a way for me to quickly see what’s working and what’s not with our marketing campaigns, without hours of analysis.

Jennifer Keaton, CEO of Emperio Jewelers

Best marketing analytics software on the market. We cut out 10 tools that we didn't need after using ClevrAI.

Alex Thompson, Founder of EcoLite Bikes

I manage 5 accounts every day and am tired of eye-balling my posts to see which ones get the most traffic. ClevrAI makes my job a lot easier!

Debbie McCaffrey, Social Media Manager

Chosen by data-driven digital marketing professionals and teams

One-Click Data Analytics

ClevrAI makes it effortless to track and analyze activities across digital marketing channels. With our unified dashboard, gain comprehensive insights to optimize your marketing strategies and fuel business growth.

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Get Started With No Commitment

Try our ClevrSocial mobile app for initial data insights and optimization recommendations. Experience firsthand the difference ClevrAI can make in your digital marketing strategy - no credit card required to sign up.