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Make intelligent digital marketing decisions.

ClevrAI combines data with Artificial Intelligence to provide actionable insights about your digital marketing activities and helps create content optimized for target audiences.

A Smarter Way To Optimize

With ClevrAI, you can get connected data insights across your most critical marketing channels. You’ll be able to quickly identify what’s working, what’s not, and make adjustments accordingly.

Quick Access

Analyze digital marketing channels and learn how they're performing in just a few clicks


Get guidance on what steps should be taken to increase reach and improve engagement

Smart Optimization

Use AI as a companion to create social media posts, website content or product descriptions

Trusted Monitoring

Keep up with trends, popular topics, and audience interests online and on social media

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Automate data insights across key areas

We put data to work so you don't have to. Get valuable marketing analytics without having to involve data scientists or developers. ClevrAI can analyze your keywords, paid ads, product pages, and social media channels and provide actionable insights to drive growth.

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Boost digital marketing performance

You don't have to create content or optimize your marketing channels alone. ClevrAI will help you generate content tailored to your target audience and guide you on what steps to take to improve your digital marketing effectiveness using Artificial Intelligence.

What Makes ClevrAI Different

ClevrAI offers a powerful suite of tools to help you maximize the performance of your website and marketing channels. With its AI-driven analytics and insights, it gives you the power to optimize your website and marketing channels with ease.

Intuitive Interface

Easy-to-use features that don't require any data science background or digital marketing experience

Simple Pricing

Transparent pricing and packages based on the depth of information provided and features used

Connected Data Insights

Information silos are eliminated with connected data insights across the most critical digital channels

SEO & Social Media Services

Dedicated resources to help implement recommended website changes, partnering with your in-house team

Seamless Monitoring

Easily track the digital marketing performance of any business and monitor changes over time

No-Coding Required

Fast setup that doesn't require any coding or a lengthy implementation process to use the software

Maximize your digital marketing efficiency

1. Social media engagement

Monitor any Instagram account, measure performance, and optimize posts to grow followers and improve engagement

2. Organic website traffic

Analyze your website, including keywords and backlinks, then edit content to increase organic site traffic

3. Product positioning

Learn how the market looks up products you have to sell, generate product descriptions, and write effective promotional content

Plan and manage your digital marketing campaigns with ClevrAI

Use data and Artificial Intelligence to improve brand visibility, reach, and digital marketing performance.

  • Select a plan

    Choose what data insights you want access to. Analyze your social media activity, website traffic, or products and how your audiences engages with digital marketing activities

  • Monitor key channels

    Track activities and changes to performance. Learn how digital marketing performance changes over time and compare it to others in your industry

  • Generate effective content

    Use Artificial Intelligence to help develop content. Whether social media posts, website content, or product descriptions, AI can be your partner to ensure content is fit for your target audiences

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Simple Pricing, Fast Access

ClevrAI makes it simple to access the tools you need to optimize performance.


  • Social Media Analysis
  • 20 Tasks
  • 1 User
  • Email Support


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  • Social Media + Website Analysis
  • 50 Tasks
  • 1 User
  • Historical Data
  • Email / Chat Support

month / billed annually

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  • Social Media + Website Analysis
  • 200 Tasks
  • 2 Users
  • Historical Data
  • Product Analysis
  • 24/7 Support

month / billed annually

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Why Customers Love ClevrAI

Hear directly from our users why they love ClevrAI and how they use data and Artificial intelligence to improve digital experience.

Finally, a way for me to quickly see what’s working and what’s not with our marketing campaigns, without hours of analysis.

Jennifer Keaton, CEO of Emperio Jewelers

Best marketing analytics software on the market. We cut out 10 tools that we didn't need after using ClevrAI.

Alex Thompson, Founder of EcoLite Bikes

I manage 5 accounts every day and am tired of eye-balling my posts to see which ones get the most traffic. ClevrAI makes my job a lot easier!

Debbie McCaffrey, Social Media Manager

We partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world

One-Click Data Analytics

ClevrAI offers straightforward access to data insights and makes optimization easy. Measure digital marketing performance with a few clicks and get tips to improve effectiveness.

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If you are an enterprise business and want to learn about our custom solutions, please reach out to us.

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